How to promote my event through eventising?

We provide through details and unique page and url for your event, business, venue or professional profile. This can be shared easily on other social mediums such as facebook, linkedin, instagram and also can be emailed to the email lists.

What to do if my event, business or venue is already existed?

There is a claim button on the page of that existing event, business or etc. You can submit the claim form and it will be reviewed by our team and will be verified.

How to eventise on eventising?

Anyone can register and click on Add Submission, Select the type of entity to be eventised and fill the detailed for and submit it. It will then be reviewed by our team and then published.

How to source oneventising?

Anyone can register to source and connect with events, businesses, professional, venues and products eventised on the platform.

What is eventising?

Eventising is a platform to promote and source new events, businesses, professionals, venues, products and opportunities in the event industry.

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